Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Purity, but still adulterated
Semblance, yet fickled distortions,
Transparency, like never seen before
And radiance, like only of its own...
A clear stream of water flowing downhill is magical!! Its all of these and still none of the above. Has its own qualities, fades into its own character, engages in its own voyage and is filled with its own complexities. Quite surreal actually; at times so sparkling and so flawless and at other times, just a mystery...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It was a particularly hot afternoon in Delhi with temperatures soaring as high as 38ÂșC. And for some really bizarre reason still not known to me, I chose this day to venture out in the city for a photo shoot. And well, after toddling down a couple of lanes and a few glasses of cold water I came to this stretch where I witnessed this man bestowing water to whoever needing it.
I thought it was quite a noble gesture. That being the only predominant reason as to why I chose to click this one. And whatever be the reason behind him serving water to the people, the gesture in itself had a lot of sublimity and nobility in it. I held it in very high regard, hence called it Sublime.
As for the particulars, it was clicked outside a Jain temple in the old city of Delhi right opposite the Red Fort.