Thursday, February 26, 2009


This view is supposed to be the view outside Hotel Avion at Lonavala.....For some very odd reason on this particular day a friend of mine decides to wake me up at 6:30 AM for a 'morning walk', wonder what he was thinking......
Anyway, much to my own chagrin i decided to accompany him only to find myself looking at these plants which looked as fresh as ever and the very next moment I decided to take a picture of it....Needless to say, my friend regretted waking me up, as far as i am concerned....what a walk!!!


Well, this is one picture that i am immensely proud of.
It was a single bud amidst countless leaves, and the whole sight in itself was striking.....Everything about it was so exquisite, be it the subtlety of- well, the entire frame or the distinctive shine on the tip of this bud or simply call it the grandeur of nature.....
As for the particulars this picture was again clicked at Udaipur.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, there comes a sequel- not literally, but of sorts....
This is suppossed to be my neighbours scooter, which he has been riding it since his younger days....obviously, since then both of them have matured, grown old and have had their own experiences, but still they share the same else would one describe its existence of it??? (referring to the vehicle)
As for the scooter..... there it stands- tattered, broken and thoroughly unkempt....but, it stands!!!


Well, this tree is situated right outside my house, and I have been seeing it since forever now.....
Everything about it fascinates me, its shrunken branches which were once so full of life, or the very fact that he has seen his share of sunshine but still refuses to stoop- standing taller than ever. I realise that this personification may sound a little over the top, but then I also didn't want to take away its honesty from it. Moreover this is quite my idea of 'down, but not out'
Initially, I was to name this picture as Experience however, then I settled for Seasoned. As for "Experience", I have clicked another picture using that title.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This picture is a satire for what i m trying to denote. If we make a venn diagram of irresponsiblity, irrationality, thoughtlessness, illiteracy and other such evils the outer most circle would be that of Corruption. Probably used as generic term for all the evils. And that's where lies the satire!!!
Particulars: This picture was clicked during this competition that my college was holding.....the Intra Crime Scene Investigation


I just loved the way how each and every storey of this builiding faints away to nothingness.....Aspirations of a human can be traced to a similiar pattern. It starts at a very elementary level and goes on to become something completely unknown- at times it fades away somewhere or, at times becomes glaringly intense, but whatever its nature may be, these aspirations may also have to undergo journey of their own........and in that sense, one may see the storeys of this building as the journey or, the obstacles or just aspirations.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The very stillness of the vehicle amidst a highway and practically in between nowhere fascinated me!!! This stillness is symbolic to Adamance........hence, the title.
And as for particulars i had clicked this picture while on my way to Udaipur.
P.S. - Beautiful place by the way :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everything is SPECTATUS

Photography, is as beatiful as a mirror, something so full of manifestations ...
something so full of colours and plain at the same time.........
My love for photography as i discovered is ever since i can remember, but only recently did i give a faint shape to it.......'faint' being symbolic of my love for photography and not photography itself- coz i believe that there is no shape to photography, it is best when it is undefined.......
So in one word if i were to describe this love of mine it would be- Vision, coz i think every scene, every frame, every view is photography ....
and this very essence of it, I choose to name as SPECTATUS.....
and through them i try to express myself.......
And as this friend of mine had put it in his blog....."I didn't choose photography, photography chose me!!!"