Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intermittent Light

This was completely a chance click. I was in the car going somehwere, when i had clicked this picture.... Barely expecting the photo to come out the way it has!!!
However when I saw the end result, it completely took me by surprise. I really liked the way how sunrays fall over the trees creating a black-out sort of an effect. Moreover I loved the arrangement of the trees here, One lagging behind the other.... Initially I was to title it as "Dance" owing to such an arrangement. However later, thought more for this title.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have dedicated this picture to my sister.
'Relationship' is the first word that came to my mind immediately after I clicked this picture. I think all the relationships are special by virtue of them being relationships. And all relationships have a certain essence which binds it beatifully.... and that's what I attempt to show here. The different petals indicate different phases in a relationship; sometimes very extraordinary and at times very basic, but what really binds a relationship is its essence, which lies in its truthfullness, honesty and respect. One may say that I might be generalising here, but it is just that this is the way how I see a relationship...

Friday, March 20, 2009


In a way this was a chance click. I was just walking by this small lane when somewhere from nowhere these leaves fell on to the ground right in front of me. So yeah, one may not be wrong in saying that i clicked this photograph only because the leaf fell.But personally, I just loved the play of colours here....
A pleasantly green leaf falling on earth while being bestowed by intense sunlight only to make it look so empyrean. And as I speak about the leaf falling and breathing its last, I only get reminded of this beatiful poem by Rumi:-
I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and i was a man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
- Jalal ad-din Muhammad Balkhi Rumi

Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is a fine line of difference between silence and ignorance....
At times we choose to remain silent & then there are times when we just "sleep over" things. And that’s what I attempt to show here. The sealed lips indicates silence where as closed eyes show the signs of being uninformed, and the whole frame in its entirity indicates Ignorance. Not that I m being preachy or anything but since I am talking about silence, ignorance and all such things I'd just like to urge all those who visit my blog [if any] to go ahead and please vote. And as I speak of it a beautiful verse which has been written by a friend strikes me:
But parasthi se hame aakhir kya fayda,
Gar Khuda insaan hota, toh aaina hi kafi tha.
- Amit julka

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here there is not much of an intense thought involved so far as the description goes. To put it simply, I just loved the way how each water pipe is conneected to another one and that in turn is connected to the other one as if forming a network of water pipes.....
This is also a form of architecture and personally, i think its simply outstanding!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Reminiscences implies everything. Reminiscences of all the best and the worst times I've ever had, reminiscences of all the good and the bad things....and also of those which fall somewhere in between, reminiscences of all such memories which form an inherent part of my existence, a few reminiscences of me- somewhere lost and then found again!!!
As for particulars I was just passing by one of those very silent alleys when i noticed this abandoned lawn- the sight quite fascinated me!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Quite honestly, I had taken this picture very casually. I was on my way to this coffee shop just a few yards away from where I stay. So I just decide to walk when I see him asleep. Not that I was witnessing this sight for the first time, but for some reason I thought of taking a picture of it. I have always seen him randomizing across the streets and chasing behind cars and eating fodder. But this moment was his solitude. Solitude often has a negative connotation, but at this moment it seemed that he was proving the theory wrong. This moment was all about his comfort, his repose, his luxury and yeah, definitely his Solitude.


Home....an expression so quintessential and so complete in itself!!!Home implies safety, madness, fun, attachment and so much more.
And as I clicked this photo I only marvelled at its very essence. I totally adored the very sight of this deserted house with hues of trees all around and an open door, which speaks volumes by its stillness. As for the particulars, this house is a part of the Western Railway Colony in Bandra which is home to around 100 to 120 families. I was just loitering with a few friends here when I saw this house. Needless to say, I stood fascinated by the sight.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mirror Reflections

I totally love these pictures!!! This was again clicked on my way to Udaipur, when this bus that I was commuting in halted at a particular juncture.
That's when I saw this incredible sight of the rays of the evening Sun falling on this abandoned tree. Without wasting a second I had clicked what I really wanted to click; but then for some really peculiar reason i started fiddling with it and ended up making the actual picture 3 shades lighter; At first I failed to realise the beauty or the significance of this revised photo. But then when I looked at both of them in a quick succession I stood completely awestruck by the unrealistic aura that it created.
For particulars, the first picture from the top is the one that i had clicked and the second picture is the one derived at after making it 3 shades lighther.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Charisma, Magnificence, Elegance, Splendor are few to the endless list of adjectives which would go into describing this picture. Who knows what actually lies behind this covered face? Who knows what expressions does this covered countenance behold? Who knows what emotion is living inside this beautiful portrait? Who knows.....


I was completely awestruck by the glaring contrast of sunshine and shade in the same frame. And also speaking of it, the contrast also lies in the objects of the photograph.
The extremely static and lifeless nature of the leaf and its frantic efforts to reach the shade or; the petal which quitely rests in shade and its desire to taste the sunshine.
And as I go on to describe this picture a briliant verse struck me:

Kabhi kisi ko mukkammal Jahaan nahi milta
Kahin zameen toh kahin Aasman nahi milta....
- Mirza Ghalib