Friday, May 22, 2009


Infinity is the first word that crossed my mind after I had clicked this one. Besides, Infinity and Immortality are two such words which go on to describe the nature of the sky. And personally, in relation to this I have a story to narrate:
As a kid I was rather very curious [but then, who isn't?] and I used to often ask questions which ranged from being utterly simple to some rather thwarting. One such question which followed for most part of my childhood was: Is there at all a starting point to the sky? Or, Is it really infinite? Or probably, If the world is really circular and if everything would form a complete circle then in such realms what happens to the sky?
So, this photograph I dedicate to all those naive questions which persistently shape my existence.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Illuminating is the first word that came to mind after I had cliked this one. Actually it is a neon torch placed against the wall at such an angle so as to create this effect.
I wonder quite often about this symbiotic relationship between the shine and the darkness. Does anything that shines or is illuminating require darkness for it to look more illuminating, or does illuminating as a quality in itself is so striking that it automatically renders everything else to darkness....

Friday, May 15, 2009


Zarre Zarre mein uska noor hai,
Jhaank khudme, woh na tujh se door hai,
Ishq hai uss se, toh sab se ishq kar,
Is ibadat ka yeh hi dastoor hai.
I m sure that in Mumbai itself one would be able to witness this site on innumerable occasions let alone in the entire Country. Every road, by lane, a small alley would have at least one effigy of God decorated with its very basic and subtle intricacies. Personally, to me it epitomizes empyrean faith. A Faith that keeps us going and a faith that would live in us forever.
Now, the inelligentsia may argue against such manifestations in its existing form citing infrastructure as one of the causes. And while I don't entirely disagree with them, but I certainly would not desert the layman's pysche on this issue as well. Its not that I m against the concept of development, but from the layman's perspective one needs to keep in mind their perspectives as well and as such, their viewpoint should not entirely be discarded. As far as the photograph is concerned, I m in love with it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This picture was intended to be something else. Actually I had found three of them hanging about in a similiar fashion staring mysteriously somewhere, and just when I decide to click them the company disintegrated.
Anyway, I found him rather very engrossed with this gaze. He seemed to be oblivious to everything at that time and had fixed his attention to something that only he would know of. And I can say that because after I got my snap I did fiddle around with the nearest tree, and did all I could to break his spell, but was unsuccessful at it. Well, that's where I got my tag from.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Safety or Superstition???

For most part of my childhood and I guess even now I have witnessed this sight so many times. People tying a lemon and few red chillies to their transports as a mark of safety (supposed to be considered auspicious). I have never understood its significance...or rather, have never tried to understand its significance. It is out of my space of logic to understand how exactly is this combination so auspicious or for that matter how does it even denote safety. But then, I think deep down all of us are like that, we all have our own fears and inhibitions. And at such times, belief belies even the strongest of arguments.

After a hard day's work

I usually see such carts a lot throughout the day, usually going to and fro the same destination a numerous times carrying abundant load. So this was a good change to see the cart at ease completely by itself. As much as I respect the people who ride such carts and work all day to earn a meagre sum I also wished the government would do something to educate them in regards the treatment towards the animals.
This was clicked post midnight at somewhere around 1:30 AM. Hence that little disparity (noise) in the pic is visible.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The tag here is self-explanatory. It was just that I got up this morning to study and revise a few concepts barely feeling like it. And this was what I saw outside the windw. So, yeah my concentration was pretty much- vivid, to say the least. Besides, leap years could be a more recurring phenomenon given the number of times that I get up so early in the morning to study. [:P]